Hunter Locke

ex-coalition psi stalker


ex-coalition psi stalker level 1
selfish alignment
22 HP, 62 SDC, 9 PPE, 109 ISP
IQ 15, ME 25, MA 10, PS 18, PP 11, PE 19, PB 10 , SPD 43

age 25, from Chi town, 2nd born, hot headed, indifferent towards CS. Wary of d-bees/ hates demons.
Must feed on at least 50 ppe per week, cannot feed from regular people
psychic animal empathy
needs little food and water to survive
sense psi and magic +60%
sense supernatural beings +45%

HtH expert:
6 attacks per melee
parry +3
Dodge +3
Roll with punch +4
+5 vs. drugs
+8 vs. insanity
+6 vs. Horror
+12 vs. psionics
+2 vs. magic

Primary skills:
radio basic, robot combat basic, read sensory equipment, weapon systems, body building, climbing, running, prowl, HtH expert, Language: American & Technician, Literacy, writing, pilot hovercraft, Wp: energy pistol, energy rifle, auto pistol, knife

Secondary skills:
Boxing, athletics, First aid, pick locks, concealment, intelligence, tracking, basic electronics

survival knife, utility belt, air philter,gas mask, walkie talkie, fatigues, combat boots, canteen, 2 coalition e-clips, 3 NG e-clips, 2 Wilkis e-clips, 2 frag grenades, 3 signal flares, CA-2 “dead-boy”

C-12 heavy assault laser rifle – 7lbs, 4d6MD/2D6MD/6D6SD, 2000ft, passive night vision scope & laser targeting, 30 shots per clip, +5 aimed, +3 burst
NG-L5 Northern Gun Laser Rifle – 14lbs, 3d6MD, 1600ft, 10 shots per clip, +5 aimed, +3 burst
**wilk’s 320 laser pistol – 2 lbs, 2d6MD, 1000ft, 20 shots per clip, +5 to strike

*CA-2 – 9lbs, 80MDC, environmental battle armor, comp controlled life support & air, internal temp control, artificial air circulation, 5 hour oxygen supply, Insulated high temp resistant (normal fire does no dmg),radiation shielded, built in loud speaker, wrist mini computer,

Psi-Powers: ISP
Speed reading 2
Sixth sense 2
Mind block 4
Telepathy 4
See aura 6
Empathy 4


Hunter Locke

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