Somewhere in the Megaverse, there exists a world quite unlike any other. An artificial, living planet half the size of Earth, whose existence makes a mockery of the laws of physics and magic both.

On Wormwood, there is little in the way of dirt, sand or dust, and what there is was imported from other worlds. There is a hard sort of MDC stone: pink, tan, brown, yellow, red, all the shades of human flesh. But it isn’t really stone, and neither Warlock, Stone Mage or Elemental can move or break it. The ground is level, save a few rolling hills and some mountains made of an MDC resin that wells up from the ground. Periodically 200 foot stone pillars rise from the ground to provide landmarks, some have nubs or even branches that can be climbed. Whole forests of these exist in some parts. Occasionally one spies a resilient vine or shrub from some alien world clinging in a pool of dust.

On Wormwood, there is no freestanding water. No oceans or seas, no rivers, lakes or ponds. When it rains, which happens infrequently, there aren’t even puddles. The thirsty ground takes all water into itself, where it wells up in pools and fountains formed where they are needed.

On Wormwood, the daytime sky is bright yellow with some blue highlights and sometimes a few wisps of cloud. At night, the twin orange moons light the sky. It rains but a few times a year, but 20-80% of the planet is shrouded by fog on a nearly weekly basis and angel hair, a white-yellow fiber like cotton but thrice as strong falls from the sky on a regular basis.

On Wormwood, a day is 25 hours long, just one more subtly off-putting thing. There are 12 hours of light, and 13 of darkness. There are no seasons, the temperature is 80 degrees almost constantly. For a week or two every year it will randomly become up to 15 degrees hotter or colder.

There is no agriculture on Wormwood, what would be the point? What tool could break the ground, and what could grow in it anyway? Wormwood provides little in the way of plant and animal life, but there are some worms and grubs that are edible, likewise a form of lichen, and in underground caves there grow brown and green vines that are edible and highly nutritious, the green taste of spinach, the brown of squash. These are the only indigenous plant or animal life.

On Wormwood, the environment adapts itself to the people, not the other way around. Where a permanent camp is made, buildings eventually rise from the ground, formed of the same not-stone. Fountains or pools come to provide water, a food cave opens up in the ground, moldable resin starts bubbling up in one place, and it starts to rain angel hair. Priests can accelerate this process, as well as call for water fountains or angel hair at will. This, among other things, has led to the widely-held belief that Wormwood was created to be the perfect world for human colonization.

There are no ley lines on Wormwood. None. Unlike all the heavens and hells and astral planes and known planets. An experienced ley line walker with some months to study the problem can achieve much the same effect as a line from an underground cave.

All the people of Wormwood are Mega-Damage, able to survive with minor injury events that would pulp a puny earth-man. Maybe it’s something in the water, maybe the air, Your kids will be Mega-Damage if you spend but 5 months on Wormwood, or if they have a mother/father from Wormwood.

Long, long ago, Wormwood was a center of learning and magic. Some say the ancient Atlanteans created Wormwood, some say dragons, some blame various gods. Some say human life sprang from a fissure in the ground, some say humanity originated elsewhere and migrated to this sacred ground. Moving on, this all came crashing down one day in antiquity when a Shifter, arrogant in his power opened a doorway to an unexplored dimension (yeah, that never seems to end well in these stories) and released the Host from their prison. The very touch of the Host corrupts and mutates Wormwood, turning the surface into something darker coated liberally with veins and tumors.

A thousand years have passed since that dark day, and the Host and their minions control the larger part of Wormwood. Some few cities remain in the south, watched over by the controlling Cathedral and the fanatical Knights. Wormwood itself is against the invaders, and raises great mountains to stall their advance, and further provides the Armies of Light with magical mecha called battle saints. But the Host have learned well to corrupt the blessings of Wormwood, and created great blasphemies, crawling towers and life cauldrons to help them carry through.

In an apocalyptic war between Darkness and Light, those who won’t declare for either side, particularly if they “just came from another world” or “don’t want to get involved until we know more about the situation” are subject to attack from both Darkness and Light. Here is a fallen world that might still be saved. Here is… Wormwood


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