Typical Coalition Cyborg


CS Cyborg-1,
Age 02, male, 900lbs, 7’9”

IQ: 12, ME: 10, MA: 14, PS: 26*,
PP: 20, PE: 18, PB: 15, SPD: 132,
HP: 24, SDC: 39, MDC: 280 + 420,
ISP: 0, PPE: 1,

Speak/literacy*- American*, Japanese, radio: basic, radio: scramblers, pilot: hover, pilot: tank/APC , WP: systems, WP: e-pistol, WP: e-rifle, WP: sword, WP: auto pistol, read sensory equipment, demolitions, climbing, boxing, cryptography, computer op,

HTH: Expert
5 APM, 4 strike, +5 parry/dodge, +3 roll with punch, +11 SDC damage, auto KO on natural 20, Knuckle Blade Strike: 4d411 SDC, Retractable Vibro-blades: 2d6 MD,
Laser Utility Finger: 1d6 SDC or 3d6 SDC @ 50’, max 4 shots/round, 12 shots till recharge [30min],
Chemical Spray: tear gas 20 shots @ 20’, causes -10 strike, parry/dodge and -1 attack [1d6+1 melees],
Forearm Laser Blaster: 2d6 MD @ 2000’, 20 shots/clip, [awkward -1 strike],


RACIAL ABILITIES: Full conversion cyborg.
+3 vs. magic, immune to psionic bio-manipulation and see aura, -40% prowl penalty, poor simulated sense of touch,

CYBERNETICS: main body 280 MDC,
Multi optic eyes, head jack & universal ear implant, ultra ear hearing, radio receiver, gyro compass, language translator, clock calendar, knuckle blades [both], chemical spray [mouth], forearm vibro-blades [right], wrist garrote [left], forearm laser [right], e-clip port [right hand], laser utility finger [right index], bionic lungs, secret compartments [both legs, 6”x4”x4”].

HI-B3 dead boy body armor [420 MDC, full environmental],
e-rifle [C-27 heavy plasma cannon, 12lbs, 6d6 MD @ 1600’, 10 shots/clip, +1 strike on aimed shot w/laser targeting scope] w/four canisters,
e-pistol [C-18 laser pistol, 4lbs, 2d4 MD @ 800’, 10 shots/clip] w/four clips,
two grenades [plasma, 5d6 MD, 12’ blast], three signal flares, survival knife [1d6 SDC], utility belt, walkie-talkie, canteen, CS Sky-cycle.


waiting for a player.


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